October 15th, 2010
The New York Yankees.  You can hate them all you want, but you cannot deny their historical dominance in
October.  Mystique, aura, whatever you want to say about their achievements and propensity to win, you'd
probably be right and not just laying on superlatives.  In October of 2010, they are the defending World Series
champs, and they are here to play the playoffs against the Rangers, a team they mercilessly rolled up on their way
to three World Series victories in 1996, 1998, and 1999.  The Yankees swept the Rangers out of the ALDS in
two of those playoff appearances.  1996 was the Rangers lone playoff win up to this season, coming at the first
game of that 1996 series in Yankee Stadium.  So I was nervous.  I just knew the Yankees, that easily hateable
group of Steinbrenner mercenaries would beat us somehow. Texas jumped out ahead on the game and it looked
like they were finally going to beat these guys, only for them to go all Yankee and rip victory from the hands of
defeat at our expense.  This was three playoff losses in a home at home this year.  I left, rather disheartened.  
Tomorrow would be another game, another day.  At least we made it to the playoffs...  
New York Yankees at Texas Rangers
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New York (1-0)0000001506101
Texas (0-1)300200000571