October 6th, 1991
For years, I had this ticket stub sitting around on my shelves in my room back in Burleson.  I remember going
with Dad, but I don't remember who else we went with.  I do reme
mber him telling me that we were going to see
Nolan Ryan pitch.  Nolan Ryan was anything you say about him, a legend, an unbelievable pitcher - this game
was just more of the same from him.  I remember walking down pretty close to where he was warming up there
on the first base line there in Arlington Stadium.  I guess they didn't have bullpens there.  I just stood there in the
aisle and watched him throw over and over again.  I took my glove to this game because we were not very far
from the field on the first base side.  One of my earliest memories of a Rangers game,  I'll admit I don't
remember too much about the actual game - but its looks like an exciting one, as the Rangers took care of
McGwire, Canseco, Tony LaRussa and other mythical baseball card legends in walkoff style.
Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers
October 6th, 1991123456789RHE
Oakland Athletics (84-78)100001000241
Texas (85-77)010010002451