October 2nd, 2010
I can't really remember what Kevin and I were doing, but he and I were zipping around in the Z and he suggested
we go to the Ranger game that night.  It's not like you have to twist my arm to get me to go, so off we went.  I
didn't think anything of it when he also suggested we go to the Diamond Club for pre-game dinner.  The
Diamond was awesome - prime rib, all you could eat, and a salad and food bar that stretched out like a first base
line.  We got there, no more than sat down and my whole family, Maw Maw included were already there, waiting
for us to get there.  It was a belated birthday surprise and wow, they got me good!  I was so happy everyone
came out, and wow, Maw Maw at a Rangers game?  The Rangers took care of business against that sloppy 2010
Angels squad, depressingly led by a disinterested Mike Scoscia.  By now, we knew the team was off to the
playoffs and were the AL West champs, so this was just extra practice for the ALDS.  Lots and lots of fun
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Texas Rangers
October 2nd, 2010123456789RHE
Los Angeles (79-82)200000000260
Texas (90-71)00003030X6110