September 30th, 2012
I was feeling down for this game.  This was at a time in my life where I made some pretty big career decisions
and my mind wasn't really on baseball.  I packed up my travel humidor and took it into the ballpark.  I was
stopped by two security guards at the gate and they opened my humidor and saw all the cigars inside.  One of the
guards suspiciously asked what my cigar cutter was for.  The other guard security guard took it from her and
told her it was for the cigars and closed my humidor and off we went inside.  I took some time to myself that
game and enjoyed the sunset alone on the concourse as I smoked a couple of nice sticks.  The roar of the crowd
just beyond the wall and the aroma of cigar made me feel much better.  I took a few pictures of Dema in front of
the lit home plate gate as we left.
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Texas Rangers
September 30th, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (88-71)4000003007120
Texas (93-66)12302000X8120