July 30th, 2015
Yankees. Few teams inspire more sports emotions than those guys. Hate them, fear them, respect them, beat
them, they beat you, they are eternal champions of baseball's Golden past, the Alpha and Omega of pro sports
teams with legions of die hard fans and followers recruiting daily, attracted to their massive amount of hardware
accumulated over a century of championship baseball.  It feels good then, when you beat them.  I overcame my
Yankee mystique and aura after 2010.  Now, when the Yankees come to town, it's to defend the home court as it
were, to shout down the metroplex Yankee fans that cheer mindlessly for players they haven't really heard of. I
added reinforcements this year and brought Jaxon.  Hot game, he lost his shirt and hung out eating pretzels with
B and Dan Paw.  The Rangers won a nice one, beating the Yanks 7-6.  
New York Yankees at Texas Rangers
July 30th, 2015123456789RHE
New York (57-44)3020001006110
Texas (49-52)3101001017120