May 30th, 2006
This is the game I may have learned to love the Mariners when they came into town.  In 2006, the Mariners
weren't terrible, and the Rangers were, so it wasn't uncommon to see people with Seattle gear on in Arlington.  
Kevin and I had none of it as we sat next to the foul pole and took it out on Willie Bloomquist, the unfortunate left
fielder who got the brunt of our clever heckling, hurling such gems as "Willie miss it?"  "Willie catch it?", and
more MGD fueled critique of this man's game.  There was no one in the stands and we were so loud you could
hear us echo off the second level.  Brad Wilkerson tossed me a baseball after some Mariner limply hit a ball right
to him in left field.  It is to this day the only in game souvenir I've gotten from an MLB player.
Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers
May 30th, 2006123456789RHE
Seattle (22-32)2010010004110
Texas (28-24)00600000X6104