May 17th, 1999
I don't remember anything about this game other than the fact that I went.  I have this ticket stub to prove it
happened.  Mom and dad had gotten a twenty game plan and let me have the tickets.  I took a girl, probably sat in
my seat and didn't move much.  Certainly didn't drink anything.  I would not recognize this Ranger 'fan' today.  I
do remember getting home very late.  I did take the Tbird and parked in one of the back forty parking lots
assuming the A or B lots cost way too much back then.  Interesting, as far as the cars I own go, this was the
Tbird's only trip to a ballgame in all the subsequent ballgames since.  Looking at the boxscore, it looks like this
one was worth forgetting.
Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Texas Rangers
May 17th, 1999123456789RHE
Devil Rays (20-19)43050100013150
Texas (21-17)200010000361