May 3rd, 2007
I was at work.  In Corinth. It was a pretty crappy day as I recall. Jon worked at Park Place at the time.  The
Ranger game had been rained out the night before,causing MLB to schedule a day night double header and walk
up tickets were being sold for the game. One ticket got you both games.  I blew work.  Jon met me somewhere,
I don't remember where, and we spent the afternoon laughing at Yankees fans and who know what else.  We
toured the park because there was literally no one in it.  Predictably, as was the style at the time, the Rangers lost
and Mariano Rivera came out to slam the door.  A freak storm rolled through in between games, and I mean
freak.  From the Dublin Up, we could not see the other side of the ballpark.  Right as the second game was
scheduled to begin, the rain blew away just like a Texas spring squall and it was perfectly clear, like nothing
Night cap.  After a drinky intermission, we hit the Lexus club level and hung out with a 92 year old at her first
ball game.  The guys behind us let us know what they thought of A-Rod and spelled it out for us.  I gave the
Ballpark an offering of my Oakley glasses, never to be seen again.  The Ballpark giveth, and the Ballpark taketh.  
Mike Mussina and Mariano Rivera made sure the collection of spare parts that was the 2007 Rangers didn't even
sniff victory.
New York Yankees at Texas Rangers
May 3rd, 2007 Game 1123456789RHE
New York (11-14)010110010481
Texas (10-17)010010100382

New York Yankees at Texas Rangers
May 3rd, 2007 Game 2123456789RHE
New York (12-14)0200002015110
Texas (10-18)000100010281