April 22nd, 2007
This was a day that I woke up, had some coffee, read the sports page and then said to Dema, "We should go to
the game."  I used Stub Hub and got some seats behind homeplate which was just awesome. I had never sat so
close during a game before.  We went to the Cuervo Club afterward and took in the benefits and pretended we
were big time season ticket holders.  We got to experience 'Aki Time', as the
sharp closer Akinori Otsuka closed
down the A's.  We had more pictures as we wore out the digital camera, but we lost a hard drive and this is all I
have left.
Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers
April 22nd, 2007123456789RHE
Oakland Athletics (9-9)0001200003110
Texas (8-10)01000003X480