April 10th, 2015
Opening day 2015 - Jaxon's first Opening Day!  I took two days off in order to prepare for this
one.  I boiled crab again, I guess folks may get tired of it one day, but I still love doing it with all
the other Rangers fans out there.  Dad brought his ribs, and when he brings supreme meat like that
out -  it just makes me want to up my game.  It was a little cool and I was happy this year for a
3:05 start to the game.  The weather was cloudy, but that burned off around noon and turned into a
basically perfect day. I brought some nice Blue and Green Label scotch and passed around some
nice cigars as we welcomed the Rangers back to Arlington for 2015.  Kevin, Mom, Dad, Ozzy,
Mr. Pilkington, Kim, Laura, Holly all showed up and we had a blast.  Jake was late. Dema and I
had to scurry off in order to meet the other season ticket holders as we were invited onto the field
for the Opening Day festivities.  It was excellent to be out there on the field during the National
Anthem, the introduction of former players - who we got see in the tunnel - and the excellent
flyby.  Unfortunately, by the time we made it back to our seats, Houston established a lead the did
not relinquish, and Derek Holland, who we saw warm up on the field, left the game and has not
returned since in 2015.  It was awesome to have Mom and Dad there, the boy was just full of
energy and it seemed like he really enjoyed being there too.
Houston Astros at Texas Rangers
April 10th, 2015123456789RHE
Houston (2-2)1000101025100
Texas (2-3)000001000162