April 6th, 2009
My very first Opening Day!  I had just accepted a promotion at work, and really, this was supposed to be my
first day in that position.  Luckily, this had been planned for some time, unlike 2008 when I had to sit in a parking
lot listening to the game on the radio and sent Dema and Kate in my stead.  Although, this was a pretty frigid day
- it was literally 49° at game start at 1:05 - which means the beer stayed naturally cold in the parking lot beyond
the Siemens buildings.  Rookie tailgaters we were back then.  Anyways, without getting political, this was the
first real public appearance of George W after his two terms were done, and was it a sight to behold and hear.  
The Arlington crown really welcomed the former Commander in Chief back with a healthy cheer.  We sat on the
third base side, directly in the sun, which actually felt good.  Unfortunately, no one thought to bring sunscreen
and we burned up pretty good, Jon's head I think getting the worst.  This was also the first year Dema and I
were half season ticket holders.  Since I already had four on the third base side, I gave the tickets to two of our
friends, Kate and Cody. The game was terrific, Cliff Lee got shelled and Kevin Millwood started the season the
right way for what would be an entertaining and competitive Rangers team that definitely had improved from
2008.  It was easy to see in retrospect how the bones of this '09 team led to the 2010 team.  There was a concert
afterwards and Dema an I sat on the lawn.  I think it was Clint Black?   
Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers
April 6th, 2009123456789RHE
Cleveland (0-1)000000100150
Texas (1-0)04003002X9150